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It lies at the northernmost part of Pinamalayan. Early settlers called this area as Punta Dumali or Dumali Point. It is also called Ranzo Saza because of the massive existence of palm trees in its delta. Some called it Ranzo-han or a place to rest. This name was given by the pirates who come to this place to rest after days of looting. It was later called Ranzo by the early settlers.

The early settlers of the barangay were the Sapallo family from the island of Marinduque, and the de Mesa’s from the neighboring barangay of Mindoro. Settlers from the neighboring island of Banton, and Sibale, (Concepcion) Romblon migrated later.

At first, Ranzo was a sitio of Barangay Lumambayan. Leadership was at the hand of a “Tenyente del Barrio”. He is an appointee of a mayor with no councilor, treasurer and secretary.

The first Tenyente del Barrio came from the de Mesa family. He was followed by Maximiano Sapallo and later by Enrique Sapallo.

In the election held in 1950, Bonifacio M. Sapallo became the first elected barangay Captain of Ranzo. He held office until 1968. He was followed by Mr. Isidro Fiedalan. He ruled the barangay until 1989. In the election held in 1989, Benjamin Sapallo won the election for Punong Barangay. His term ended up on 1997. He was succeeded by Ulpiano F. Familaran. Among the notable achievements of the incumbent administration were the Construction of Mini-port and the 109 steps of the Parola Stairway. 

On the year 2009, the first foremost Hotel/Beach Resort was established and operated in the Barangay, known as “La Emelia Resort”, owned and managed by Alexander F. Fesariton.  The most recent development in the area is the opening of the powerlines of ORMECO in early 2009. After several years of waiting and hoping, at long last, the last barangay of Pinamalayan is finally energized.

Last election October 15, 2010, Hon. Joel F. Fabregas won as Barangay Chairman, under his administration, a continuation of road concreting with slope protection was constructed and the dream of the constituents came into reality when the said project end to Sitio Simborio, Barangay Banilad. Additional 90 meters of Seawall was constructed and 20 additional streetlights was fabricated and installed. 

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